Manifesto 2

Manifesto 2

Twenty-four pages of artwork and commentary from artist, photographers, illustrators and designers.

$2.00 USD, free shipping

If you're... interested in art, this zine was made for you.


About Manifesto

Manifesto is a self-published fanzine and group effort featuring artwork and commentary from artist, photographers, illustrators and designers. I publish an issue whenever I have enough content and time — time being the scarcer of those resources. Manifesto is a not for profit venture; the modest cover price helps off set the cost of paper, duplication and postage. All artwork, writing and editorial work are done by professionals pro bono.

If you are interested in submitting material for a future issue, please email me so I can send you our editorial requirements.

Purchasing Manifesto

Thanks for your interest in owning a copy of Manifesto. The fastest way is to just click the buy now button at the top of this page. PayPal is widely trusted as a secure way to send money over the web. If you are uncomfortable with using PayPal or don't hold a major credit card (a requirement for PayPal purchases) then feel free to contact me to arrange some alternate form of payment. We hope to accept Bitcoin soon.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can purchase a copy of Manifesto from Skylight Books in the Los Feliz Neighborhood.

"Like" Policy

Thank you Facebook folks! For our part the Manifesto publishing staff (all three of us) promises to work hard making sure you don't regret clicking our like button. We pledge never to send you and update or message that isn't directly about an issue of Manifesto and never more often than one update a week.

Manifesto will not share your email or Facebook contact information with anyone for any reason.

Zine Trades and International Sales

Yes! I'd be into a zine swap! And yes, I ship copies of Manifesto to overseas addresses. Send me an email to set up a trade or to purchase a copy of Manifesto from a country other than the US. The shipping cost will be higher.